• What is teledentistry?
    • The use of information technology for dental of active patients and patient consultations.
  • What types of services can be performed?
    • Teledentistry can be used to have a virtual new patient consultation and to evaluate a question from a patient wearing Invisalign or Braces.
  • Can a diagnosis be made through Teledentistry?
    • Yes---some problems can be diagnosed and a recommendation given for a solution. A preliminary new patient exam and consult can take place. However, a records appointment would be scheduled in the office to make a final treatment plan and to start treatment.
  • What are the benefits of teledentistry?
    • It improves access to Orthodontic care. Teledentistry eliminates travel time, transportation costs and minimizes time away from school or work.
  • What equipment is needed?
    • The simplest devices are a smart phone, a laptop computer or a tablet.
  • Where can I do a teledentistry consultation?
    • This can be scheduled from your home or office.
  • How do I get started?

If you are ready for a consultation or have a questions use the above information.